Vehicle Graphics Richmond | Car Wrap Process

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Vehicle Graphics Richmond | Car Wrap Process


There is no doubt, vehicle wraps and custom car graphics are cool, sexy even, as well as a potentially being a great marketing tool for your business. Most business owners don't have the first idea of what it takes to put together a vehicle wrap and what THEY need to do before they ever call a sign shop.Wrap progression resized 600

  1. Marketing Objective: Why do you want to a wrap? What do you hope to get from your wrap? Just as you would evaluate any other business expenditure, what is it you hope to achieve with your wrap? How much do you intend to spend (aka what is your budget?). How long do you expect this "campaign" to last? How will you know it is successful? ---- These are tremendously important questions for the business owner to answer prior to getting caught up in the creative excitement of a vehicle wrap project. Understanding your budget (investment) and setting up a measurable goal (number of new clients, increase in name recognition) will help you to determine if a wrap is a good way to use your marketing dollars.

  2. Design Elements: What kind of design asethetic do you want? Will the new truck wrap reflect the existing branding or usher in a new look or product? What existing artwork, materials do you want to include or is this a clean slate? Will the design work be done by your own creative team or by the sign shop's? ----leveraging a creative firm that you already use for your marketing and branding is a good way to keep your branding consistent and to ensure that your fleet wrap is integrated into your overall marketing strategy. A qualified sign shop can work with art renderings created by outside graphic designers or can design vehicle graphics which incorporate your brand standards and other visual elements such as high resolution photography, colorful backgrounds, and more.

  3. Proof Concept: Coming up with a slick proof is only part of the story. The conceptual design, even if the designer uses a vehicle template, should always be reconciled to the actual physical vehicle to be wrapped. Door moldings, after market racks or body damage will often cause slight alterations in the design. A flat vehicle template also does not read vehicle curves or deep grooves that will alter the appearance of some text and graphics. An experienced car wrap designer/installer will be able to "read" potential issues prior to production and make necessary adjustments. If the shop is doing the design, be prepared to pay in advance at least a portion of the design fee up front.  Design time is a significant cost to the shop and quality design work up front will save you money in the long run.

  4. Fabrication & Installation:Before you move into production, there will also be a deposit required. Underwriting your wrap is an important part of the process. Remember, these are "custom" graphics so the shop can't reuse the materials or sell them to someone else. You will also need to prep your vehicle for the shop. Exising graphics/decals and adhesive should be removed and the car thoroughly washed (not waxed) before you drop it off. The shop will do a final inspection and surface preparation before the vinyl panels are installed. A holding time is recommended for full wraps especially. Usually an overnight stay is idea to allow the vinyl product to settle and any stray air bubbles or loose edges to reveal themselves and be addressed before delivery. Photos, of course, of you an your new vehicle wrap are always a must.

  5. Activate Marketing: Engage your truck wrap marketing strategies to take advantage of this new advertising tool. Set up a contest on twitter or facebook for fans/followers to post pictures of your new look to win a prize. Park prominently where traffic passing by will see you. Make a bold statement at an event with multiple fleet vehicle presence. This isn't a case of "build it and they will come". You need to be proactive to get the most out of this investment. 

For more information or to get started on your vehicle wrap project, all the branding experts at SignScapes, Inc. today!

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