Lobby Signs Richmond | Lighting Your Custom Lobby Sign

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Lobby Signs Richmond | Lighting Your Custom Lobby Sign


reception signA beautiful custom lobby sign is a great way to welcome your clients and set the tone for your brand. A great set of architectural letters will really dress up a focal wall in your lobby area but without good lighting, you can lose some of the impact. The sign above is a beautiful set of metal faced, foam backed, architectural letters that were placed behind the main reception desk. They looked smart, but didn't really show as well as you might have expected.

So many of the office environments we work in have standard 2x4 fluorescent fixtures installed in the grid ceiling that provide decent ambient light, but not a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating dramatic focal points or highlighting architectural features. Most clients don't consider adding additional lighting to their space and this is a great opportunity to help draw attention to the investment they are making in branding their space.

custom lobby signWe recommended that the client add a simple strip of track lighting and three LED track heads. These are low voltage, dimmable and highly efficient lights that create a wide spot effect on the wall. The additional lighting helps to highlight the metallic sheen of the letter faces and immediately draws your attention into the space and to the brand wall.

The addition of a lighting package like this is really not a large expense but will make your installation look high end. It also creates more flexibility in the space - this client leaves their "logo lights" on after the office closes so passers by can still see their branding. Just like an outdoor set of channel letters would work for a business at night. Using the LED lights means this is a very low cost proposition for the client.

art gallery wall

Adding some lighting to your custom sign and graphic installation can turn an ordinary picture wall into an art gallery. For this client's lobby, we created a curved gallery wall of prints. Again, we specified low voltage halogen track lights that provide great flexibility (individually aimable and dimmable) in an overlapping pattern. The reflective open backs also created a "corona" pattern on the walls which added more interest. Clients, vendors and employees were immediately drawn to the focal wall upon entering the space which was exactly what the client had requested. 

Custom signs and graphics, like any other visual display, need to consider lighting as a critical part of the design plan. An experience graphic designer should factor in lighting and lighting effects when planning an installation in your space. Remember, bad lighting can make a great custom sign design look shabby but good lighting will never make your design look bad.

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