Signs Richmond | QR Codes for Your Vehicle Wrap....Huh?

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Signs Richmond | QR Codes for Your Vehicle Wrap....Huh?


So…the other day, I was asked to write an article on QR Codes for vehicles wraps and custom signs. I agreed with a smile and a blank stare. I had no idea what they were! And I’m guessing I’m not the only one out there…right? Well, hopefully this article can help.  

First off, what is it?! Well, QR stands for Quick Response. When first created, it was originally used for tracking purposes. Today, it’s used on virtually anything: car wraps, vinyl banners, posters, print advertising, real estate signs, you name it! It’s a 2D, square shaped bar code - almost looks like a funny maze. You've probably seen one but didn't know what it was. They have been uber popular in Asia and Europe and are only now catching on in the US.

SignScapes QR codeSo now you're thinking, "OK, yeah, cool. So what? Now that I know what it is, what do I do with it? Why do I want one?"

You scan the QR Code with your smart phone app - you do have a smart phone, right? Well, the QR code is basically an encoded URL or other data. It can take you to my website, push you my contact information, play some cool animation, you name it. 

Car dealers, for example, are creating QR codes as window stickers for new cars. Any customer in possession of a smart phone is able to walk up to the car they’re interested in, scan the code with their phone and get a ton of information about about the car! Even VIDEO! How sweet is that?! 

So now you know what those little black blocky things are but you are probably asking yourself, “are they actually effective?” Well, YES! Don’t believe me? This is a link to one of many case studies citing the effectiveness of QR codes done in the UK. In this case, an electrical contractor added QR codes to his advertising and marketing efforts with great success. The adoption rate of smart phones is phenomenal so it would only follow that these rapid information delivery systems, like QR codes, would also become more ubiquitous. We've been adding QR codes to our vehicle wraps and clients are telling us they are getting great response. People will walk up to their vehicles and scan the code on the spot. 

How about them apples? 

Other specific examples of where QR codes are used include: promotional vinyl banners to advertise specials, repair fliers, newspaper ads, business cards, name tags and billboard advertising! QR codes are free to create and can point to almost anywhere in the digital world. Use them for special deals and to generate buzz for your product or event. Really, the possibilities are ridiculous!

Want to learn more about marketing with QR codes?  i-want-more-info

Jessie Wheeler is a guest blogger and rising freshman at James Madison University. Jessie will be with us for the summer offering her unique perspective on the world of custom signs and graphics. We are very excited to add Jessie's voice to our blog and hope you will enjoy future posts.

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QR codes are quickly becoming the hot marketing tool. The real benefit though is the tracking that can be incorporated to determine the real ROI for a given campaign... from campaign creation all the way through conversion.
Posted @ Wednesday, August 10, 2011 9:36 AM by Kent Allen
Thanks so much for taking time to comment. You are SOOOO right! We were just scratching the surface here but your comments are spot on. If you can't measure your efforts, how do you know what is working? A QR code should be one element of a well-constructed marketing plan designed to achieve measurable results within a specific time period.
Posted @ Wednesday, August 10, 2011 5:23 PM by jennifer tompkins
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