Car Wraps Richmond | Wraps as Tattoos for Your Car?

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Car Wraps Richmond | Wraps as Tattoos for Your Car?

Hi everyone, it's Jessie again. OK, so I know I am new to the sign business and new to blogging but I can't help but see similarities between tattoos and vehicle wraps. Am I crazy? I don't think so. They are both about color & design, being unique & eye-catching, making a statement, etc. The list can go on. What’s my point? Both can get out of hand.
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When designing custom vinyl decals and vehicle wraps for your car, whether to take advantage of cost effective vehicle advertising or to express your personal statement, remember less is more. Don’t include paragraphs of information or overlap all of your designs so that it makes your message illegible and confusing. gang tattooWhen on the road, people have an estimated time of about 2-5 seconds in order to even glance at you, let alone read what you’re advertising. Not only that, it's just rude to stare!

Here are the keys to keep in mind:
  • Use “short, but sweet” words. Words that most accurately address your cause or purpose.
  • Choose your design carefully. The images should be crisp and clear and reflect the statement you are trying to communicate. 
  • Balance your white space. Our brains like contrast because it tells us what is important. Splashy backgrounds can detract from your message because it can make it difficult for the viewer to focus.
  • Work with a skilled designer and installation shop that specializes in marketing and branding. Crafting an effective message is more than just putting cool vinyl graphics on the side of your car. Just like getting a great tattoo means the artist understands how the body and skin moves so the image comes alive, a superior wrap design will integrate with your vehicle and (literally) motorize your message.
  • Tattoos, like vehicle wraps and car graphics are capable of being removed; however, the processes are time consuming, costly to change, and, in the case of tattoos anyway, painful. Whatever you choose to put on you (your vehicle) consider that you will be living with it for a while so do some research before committing to a design.
This whole vehicle wrap thing is pretty cool and the more I learn about it, the more I am noticing who has a wrap and who doesn't. So should you wrap your company vehicle just to be "cool"? Of course not. You should invest in custom wraps and vehicle wraps because it is smart - and smart is always cool.           
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Jessie Wheeler is a guest blogger and rising freshman at James Madison University. Jessie will be with us for the summer offering her unique perspective on the world of custom signs and graphics. We are very excited to add Jessie's voice to our blog and hope you will enjoy future posts.

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