Signs Richmond | Top Reasons to Consider Vehicle Wrap Advertising

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Signs Richmond | Top Reasons to Consider Vehicle Wrap Advertising


If you have been considering the best way to spend your advertising budget, consider these reasons why a vehicle wrap may be your best option. 

SignScapes Vehicle Wrap

1. Vehicle wraps are cost-effective:

Prices can vary but the standard range we quote for a car like a Toyota Prius is between $2500 and $3000 for a full wrap. To be conservative and to have easy math, let's call it $2800 and we are going to hold the car for 4 years. That's $700/year in advertising expense or less than $60 per month. And I said expense because a wrap can be lease financed. You won't find any other advertising at that cost.

2. Vehicle Graphics are focused marketing under your control:

You drive the vehicle in places where you will find customers, into neighborhoods where you have been trying to gain a foothold, in events and parades, in front of prominent clients' business locations and all over town. When not in use, you can park the car or truck at a busy intersection where hundreds of drivers will see it on the hour. How about getting a couple of your vehicles together and forming your own parade through downtown at lunchtime. Think anyone will notice?

3. Car Wraps add to your brand presence:

Based on the Transportation Advertising Council (a division of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America), vehicle wrap marketing creates approximately 70,000 daily vehicle impressions. Not only do a lot of people observe the car, a good deal of people take notice of the brand.

4. A vehicle wrap puts you a step above traditional cut vinyl lettering and can add a "cool factor" to your business:

So all of your peers are doing the traditional yellow pages, bus bench and Sunday paper advertising. Stand out from the crowd! Why be hum-drum when you can be flashy, exciting and noticed? Make a modern, up-to-date impression on your future clients.

5. Vehicle wraps show you are invested in your brand and in your business:

Nothing says established like a well dressed company vehicle. The big brands have been doing it for years and have established themselves as reliable, credible and possessing staying power. Elevate the image of your brand to that level by committing to a signature brand application that gives you the stature of the big guys.

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